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Sandra L. Howe
Sandra the Natural Health Copywriter

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"...represents the epitome of professional conduct..."

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"...exceeds our standards..."

"...takes difficult subjects and makes them both easy and understandable..."

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How can you make your quality
natural products stand out in
a crowded marketplace?
And do so without violating
FDA and FTC rules?

Everyday, you wrestle with this thorny topic. (And the simple solution you've been searching for---why, it's just waiting for you, near the end of this webpage!)

But, first ...

YOUR CHALLENGE: Getting your customers to buy

You want your ideal customers to fall so hard for your own natural products, they just can't help but buy them.

You know they'll become loyal customers once they discover the difference these products make in their lives.

But customers are naturally skeptical and dubious. Many have tried other natural products in the past and been disappointed.

You know those other natural products didn't work because they didn't have the right ingredients, level of purity, method of manufacturing, or "serving size."

You know that your own natural products do deliver, do help people.

How can you better persuade your ideal customers to buy them, though? And without FDA and FTC pouncing on you, either?

Plus, our now-popular marketplace is getting more and more crowded every year. Millions of natural products now clamor for attention. How can you ensure yours won't disappear in this huge crowd?

Well, here's ...

YOUR (simple) SOLUTION: Natural health marketing that gets you results in a crowded marketplace!

Want to increase your sales? Try connecting with a natural health copywriter who understands how to connect with your customers the right way, get them to buy.

I'm a trained copywriter deeply committed to promoting high-quality natural products.

Bring me in, and I'll discover what's unique about both your company and its natural products. I'll thus help your natural products shine more brightly above the rest.

Among other things, I will

  • draw your customers in, using just the right copywriting principles
  • find and incorporate the real "triggers" to get your customers to buy
  • discover and dissolve every objection your customers have
  • work within strict FDA and FTC rules---and still be compelling

Of course, copy isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to successful lead generation. For example, your list of prospects is also crucial for your ROI. I can also help you with your overall marketing strategies if you want that.

How you can boost sales

Want more details on how you can boost sales for your natural products? Let's chat! (And if you market high-quality natural products, check out my FREE report and my FREE website profitability offer! What have you to lose?)

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