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About me
~ How I fell in love with natural health copywriting ~

Now for a more personal note on why I am so deeply committed to promoting quality natural products.

The path started with my own personal health experiences

All my life, since I was 11, I'd struggled with my weight. My mother worried that I'd get diabetes.

I tried many diets, but none worked over the long term. I was hungry on them, and that hunger drove me off them.

Finally, eleven years ago, I found the solution: the Zone diet.

It turned out I'm pretty carb-sensitive. My insulin just shoots up wildly whenever I eat refined carbs, then crash to ultra-low levels, causing quick and intense hunger.

I followed the diet, and started taking pharmaceutically distilled fish oil---my first real dietary supplement.


  • My severe asthma vanished.
  • My allergies dropped to such low levels, I often forget to take my allergy pill in the summer.
  • My "carb cravings" vanished, and I was satiated for the first time in my life.

Ultimately, I lost 51 pounds---even though I fall off the diet more times than I care to admit! And, I could stand to lose another 10 pounds or so, but hey, nobody's perfect!

It wasn't just the dietary regimen that helped so much.

The fish oil helped generate the "good" eicosanoids that I needed so badly to reverse the silent inflammation in my body, and thus reverse my growing health problems.

I now take a wide variety of natural remedies as I need them---but the fish oil was my first true introduction to the natural health world.

The path continued with my desire to write passionately

I'd been a periodical writer, technical writer, and copywriter. The low rates of periodical writing drove me away into copywriting, and I never committed to writing short stories as an adult for the same reason, but I still ached to write passionately and emotionally.

While searching for subjects I could write passionately about, I started reading more and more about natural health.

Ultimately, over the past decade, I came to discover that many natural remedies and alternative treatments existed that often had far fewer side effects than allopathic medicine, yet still worked well.

I began to realize this could be how I'd meet my desire to make a difference---writing for companies whose natural products do work, do help people.

I've discovered, though, that natural health copywriting is its own world in a way.

All experienced copywriters know that benefits and emotional appeals are what initally hooks prospects. Providing a comprehensive array of proof help overcome their natural skepticism.

However, writing copy to convince customers to buy natural products often requires emotionally com pelling story-telling as well. Writing to comply with FDA and FTA rules---now, that takes even more ... creativity, let's say.

The path now returns me to being an emotional writer

In my teenage and young adult years, I wrote endless short stories and won prizes. I abandoned this story-telling in part because it's tough to make a good living on it. Many such writers are poor.

Now here was a field that required the same powerful story-telling ability, as well as the ability to intimately connect with the reader---something I'd already developed.

Returning to my early roots, I'm back to entertaining my readers with vivid descriptions that take hold in their imagination. Life is good.

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