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How can you market your B2B solution to highly skeptical prospects ...

... so that they can end up welcoming your information with wide open arms?

(HINT: it's a white paper.
But not the kind you're thinking of.)

Okay, maybe not WIDE open arms. That could be going a little too far.

But I've been observing the B2B natural products industry for a while now.

And it sure feels like white papers just aren't being written---and utilized---the way they could be, so they can just slide relatively effortlessly into your prospects' BlackBerry devices, iPads, PCs, Macs, and desks, and actually be read and enjoyed ...

... AND taken more seriously as well.

Let's face it. Your B2B prospects are naturally skeptical.

Like you, they've heard it all before, and they're cautious.

And the sheer volume of data is doubling every several years. Who can absorb all that information?

AND the sales cycle has many stages to it.

This ain't no little bottle of fish oil off the health store shelf here!

You probably remember suffering down a white paper or two in the past like a bad-tasting medicine. Good for you, maybe. But you can only take a spoonful or two at a time--if that!

Yet a good white paper can arrest your ideal prospect's attention ...

... AND have her/him quaff your information down like an exceedingly tasty strawberry smoothie.

Such a white paper can end up being forwarded by these very same cynical prospects to other key influencers, creating a viral campaign.

The sales cycle can be shortened as a result.

At the very least, it should be MUCH easier for your B2B solution to get some serious attention!

Thus I put together a customized report for you to give you just a taste of what a good white paper can do!

This report

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  • tells you the 5 reasons why white papers work so well
  • tells you when a white paper is a good idea--and when it's not!
  • fills you in on the 4 dont's and 2 do's of a good white paper
  • gives 1 simple method to boost the ROI of your white paper!

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