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(Sample of copywriting for Best Life Herbals, a natural products company.
This was an email blast.)

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Want to improve your aging vision....right away?

Skeptical? Well, I sure hope so, given all the hype out there!
But ... you won't be for long, I guarantee you. Read on and
discover the
2 BIG scientific secrets why we can
so confidently promise you
instant vision improvement!

Dear Friend,

You know your body's slowly breaking down-an inevitable process. You struggle to just see the menu at the restaurant, and it's getting worse.

You want to continue shop at grocery stores without someone by your side, fetching the food items for you . grow older without needing risky surgery on your eyes . continue babysitting your grandchildren. All of that needs a strong vision-not a faltering one.

Everyday, I listen to patients like you . and even though I'm a board-certified medical physician, my first priority isn't drugs or surgery for you.

So, especially for my patients, family members, and friends, we've developed-after months of careful scientific research-a safe eye health supplement that'll ensure you'll not lose your precious independence and self-sufficiency. (The first BIG secret's coming up . but first .the big question .)

How will you feel when
you take Visanol?

You'll feel the difference immediately.

You'll see more clearly in the first few minutes. (In fact, you may feel your eyes "snap" into greater clarity and be surprised by it!)

Your eyes will feel less tired after just half an hour. And they'll continue to feel much less tired during the day-even after a long day at the computer.

You'll find they'll feel less dry . less irritated. What a relief!

And you'll see better at nighttime, too!

But wait, there's more!

When you take Visanol every day, over a period of time, you're building up storages-of much-needed anti-oxidants, trace minerals, and more-to help your vision stay true and clear . to the age of 80, and beyond.

Visanol will help you

  • fight off free radicals!
  • protect your eyes-for life!
  • prevent cloudiness and blurriness!
  • enjoy relaxed, youthful, healthy vision!
  • eliminate strain, headache, and fatique!

Can one mere supplement really delivers on all that, you may wonder.

Yes, it can! Because-and here's the first BIG secret I promised you. Most other companies just put one or two little nutrients in the bottle for you. Like lutein.

But we know better! Thanks to our extensive research .

We put 16-yes, sixteen-powerful,
vision-nurturing nutrients
in just one bottle!

You heard me right. You get 16 different nutrients best known to nurture your eyes, in just one ordinary bottle.

Why so many nutrients?

Your eyes-plus the muscles and nerves and brain parts connected to them-have more than one billion delicate parts 1, 2 which must work together to give you that clear vision you want!

They thus need a LOT more resources 3 than the rest of you to work properly! (Just ask your eye doctor-she or he will know this!)

Get this. Your visual system takes up less than 2% of your body by weight. 4,5

Yet it consumes a whooping 25% of the nutrients you take in! 6,7,8,9

And the modern diet makes it difficult to get all the nutrients you need to nurture your sight. 10,11,12

As you can see, your eyes need a LOT of help to see properly-not just the one puny little nutrient or two that most other supplements provide-and Visanol will do just that for you!

How Visanol can provide all the
nutrients you need
for better vision
right away!

(The second BIG secret's getting closer and closer .after this .)

Your eyes-and the muscle and nerves and brain parts attached-need more of certain nutrients than almost anywhere else in your body. Like zinc, lutein, vitamin C, zeaxanthin, the list goes on .

And it's precisely these nutrients you need the most for clear vision you'll get when you take our Visanol!

Just to name a few of the billion parts and how the 16 nutrients so lovingly nurture them, there are .

  • your corneas, that transparent layer on your eyes, which need beta-carotene and other carotenoids to avoid drying out!
  • your lenses, which focus images for you, which need L-Glutathione to protect them from dangerous UV rays!
  • your nerve impulses, which travel from your eyes to your brain, which need zinc to do so!
  • your blood vessels, which "feed" your eyes, which need bilberry and quercetin to strengthen those vessels so more nutrients can travel through them!
  • your pressure levels within your eyes, which can damage the optic nerve responsible for transporting images to your brain-unless you get vitamin C, rutin and other nutrients to stabilize those pressure levels!
  • your retinas, which have images flung against them like movie theatre screens, which need alpha lipoic acid to remove the damaging toxins there!
  • your maculas, responsible for your ability to see fine details, which need zeaxanthin to protect and repair the "cones" there!

All of these nutrients-and more-are in Visanol.

Your nutrients must also
work together for
healthy vision!

There's another reason why we crammed so many nutrients into Visanol. (And now you have the second BIG secret why you'll get instant improvement!)

Each nutrient, all by itself, is weaker . it struggles to do its job, but is crippled by lack of support from other nutrients .

In our Visanol , however, you have 16 nutrients working together . and, together, they're far powerful than alone. (Now you know why just the one or two nutrients won't give you instant improvement!)

Here's just a few examples of how these nutrients work together to help you .

  • Yes, you need beta-carotene to keep your eyes from drying out. But you also need zinc to bring the beta-carotene from your liver to your eyes!
  • And guess what? Zinc can deplete your body of copper, so you need just the right amount of copper to accompany zinc, too!
  • Yes, you need vitamin E, as it's the most effective and potent anti-oxidant for your eyes. But it won't be so potent-unless it gets the help of selenium!
  • Yes, you need chromium to help your ciliary muscle pull your lenses into sharp focus, but guess what? Chromium can't do this without the help of vitamin C!
  • Yes, you need vitamin C to stabilize your eye pressure and thus avoid cloudy vision. But you also need citrus bioflavonoids to help this vitamin to be properly utilized!
  • Yes, you need lutein to act as "sunglasses" to filter out the most dangerous UV rays-among other things. But lutein can't do anything without the help of zeaxanthin!

And so on it goes .

Can you imagine having to buy 16 different bottles to get all of these nutrients to feed your vision? Or swallowing all those pills?

Let's say each bottle is anywhere between $5 and $20 per bottle-goodness, that's $80-$320 per month!

However, here, we've put together the most vital vitamins, herbs, and trace minerals to nourish and thus improve your eyes. 100% natural, 100% pure. For a fraction of the cost. Nutrients to nourish not just your eyes, but the rest of you, too!

Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars per month, AND gagging on anywhere from 16 to 30 pills every morning, you can take just three easy capsules for less than one dollar a day. How much more simple can it be?

Healthy vision. Yours for the taking-if you'll take a couple of basic steps.

Like including more vision-nurturing vegetables and fruits in your meals.

And taking Visanol everyday, before anything serious happens. Building up storages of vital nutrients to lovingly nurture your eyes-and your life!

Think about being able to continue watching your grandchildren in a school play. Or paying your own bills in old age. Or crossing the road safely at 80.

Visanol will make these things happen for you! Try Visanol-entirely at our risk! (See our guarantee below.)


Dr. Kenneth Woliner, M.D.

P.S. You get a powerful yet safe supplement that's been through many scientific tests for purity and potency . that's been tested for heavy metals . and that contains NO fillers or cheap or synthetic substitutes . unlike many other supplements, Visanol isn't watered down!

Thus, we're so confident you'll like our Visanol, here's our guarantee: 100% satisfaction, or 100% refund back-even if you've consumed the whole bottle! Try it, and see the difference!

P.P.S. Don't you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're getting all the nutrients to help you see clearly and precisely . in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond? Try Visanol! Entirely at our risk. Experience the difference it makes!


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