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(Sample of copywriting for Innovational Marketing Inc.,
a natural products company.)

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How to look 10 or 15 years younger ... without
the side effects
of HGH!

And also be younger ... thinner ... stronger ... healthier!
All this for the price of less than a cup of daily coffee!
Is such a thing possible? Read on and
decide for yourself!

    Are you ...

      • female?
      • over the age of 35?
      • wanting sexy muscle tone, but your arms sag
      • seeing more unwanted wrinkles on your face
        and hands?
      • struggling to lose that stubborn extra weight
        you never had before?

    Do you also find that you ...

      • forget details more often?
      • feel more "foggy" or unfocused mentally?
      • snap irritably at your loved ones more often?
      • just can't sleep well at nighttime like you used to?
      • don't have the energy you had in your 20s and
      • worry that one day a simple fall could shatter your
        bones--and thus your independence?

    If you said YES, YES, YES to the above ... and you're considering using human growth hormone (HGH), but are worried about its side effects ...

    Then this woman-only formula was designed just for you!

    It'll help you to look and feel younger--naturally, without any side effects! And all of the problems above will go away, too--again, naturally!

    Skeptical? As a scientist, I'm actually glad to hear that! But keep reading--I'll explain just how it works.

    Helping you to feel and be
    younger, naturally

    Hello, I'm Dr. Ahmed A. Aljonaid. I have a PhD in women's health issues. I thus understand women and their unique health issues.

    I'm also a biochemist, so I know how both natural and non-natural ingredients really affect women's bodies--and their health.

    You may wonder why I care so much about helping you to feel and be younger--naturally.

    The truth is, when it comes to women's health issues, I've always searched for natural solutions that are both safe and effective.

    With female infertility, I discovered that in many cases, a certain enzyme (Sodium/Potassium-ATPase) could be preventing the woman from becoming pregnant. And that just following a certain simple diet could "wake up" this enzyme into action, and thus help that woman to start conceiving again.

    And as part of my work, I also research natural solutions for common women's issues--like breast cancer.

    So when one of my students asked me to look at a natural product she was taking to improve both her looks and her health, I got interested.

    Japanese women just LOVE my
    natural anti aging product ...
    and they're obsessed with
    both their looks and
    their health!

    In Japan, after months of careful research, I introduced my 100% safe, 100% natural anti aging product. (I'll introduce it to you in a minute.)

    And it's taken off like crazy. The women in my country just keep coming back to it, buying another 6 or 12 months' supply at a time! They find they don't just look 10, even 15 years younger as a result--they also feel that much younger! They sleep better, are less irritable, and feel stronger and healthier.

    Now, one thing you need to understand about Japanese women: they're always very cautious when it comes to using drugs, or anything else that they think may alter their bodies in an unnatural way.

    Yet thousands and thousands of Japanese women have happily used my natural anti-aging product--and without the side effects of human growth hormone!

    And this product will make anyone younger, not just Japanese women. You can benefit from it, too!

    But don't just take my word for it. Try it, and see the difference it makes. Bonus: try it right now , and save money! (How much? See here! )

    Wouldn't you rather FEEL
    younger--not just LOOK

    Sure, there are tons of other ways to try and look younger. You've tried many of them, no doubt--many of which don't work, or only temporarily.

    But wouldn't you rather actually become younger--and stronger--from the inside out? And wouldn't you rather achieve this merely by taking a bunch of natural ingredients which absolutely no side effects, either by themselves or when combined together?

    Let's get real here. After you reach a ... certain age, let's put it. Yes, of course you still want to look young for your age.

    But now you also want to maintain your moods, as well as your mobility and independence down the road. To be able to go for a long, hard run around the lake ... work all day and still have enough energy to dance ... swing your child or grandchild into your arms for a cuddle ... go shopping by yourself in your old age, without any help ... not be incapacitated by a simple fall.

    Introducing ... the 100% natural way to not just look younger, but also be younger, stronger, and more rested!

    The Natural Anti-aging
    Human Growth Agent.
    For women only.

    If you're searching for a product that contains the anti-aging human growth hormone, this isn't it.

    There are no hormones in any of my products--synthetic or natural--and there will never be. It just goes against everything I know and believe in.

    But if you're searching for a 100% natural way to stimulate your body to restore its own storage of this youth-enchanting hormone, then this product was created just for you!

    All you're doing is safely and naturally restoring the levels of human growth hormone (HGH) you had in your 20s and 30s.

    I'm sure you're wondering how it could be so easy to look and be younger. That it sounds too good to be true. So here's the scientific explanation--from a biochemist who cares about women's health.

    How restoring your HGH levels
    can help you feel and look
    better, younger,
    more refreshed!

    Your pituitary gland--a tiny pea-sized organ in your brain--releases this human growth hormone. This HGH, in turn, stimulates the production of new cells in your body.

    When this production happens, you

      • retain calcium better, thus strengthening
        your bones
      • speed up your sluggish metabolism, thus
        giving you more energy
      • control sugar and insulin levels, thus helping
        you to be more healthy
      • start using up your stored fat, thus helping
        you lose that stubborn weight

    Your whole body actually depends on HGH in one way or another to function properly, so the benefits go well beyond what I've just listed. For example, your vision improves when it receives more HGH!

    Yet the sad truth is, most adults over the age of 40 are deficient in this vital hormone.

    Now for the good news. Certain natural ingredients (which you'll find in my product) helps to release more HGH, thus stimulating your cells to "turn over" more quickly , the way it used to when you were in your 20s and early 30s.

    Thus, after a month, thanks to improved cell production, you not only feel younger, you also look younger--with fewer wrinkles, less saggy skin, and better muscle tone.

    How my Natural Anti Aging
    Human Growth Agent
    helps you to look and
    be younger!

    My Human Growth Agent (HGA) is a natural anti aging contains a combination of herbal ingredients, amino acids, and proteins, which stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH. Again, it does not have the anti-aging hormone in it. Instead, it helps your brain to produce more of it!

    For you, I sought the most effective way for these gentle ingredients to reach your brain. Thus, my HGA is a spray which contains a revolutionary sustained release system.

    This spray is the fastest way to get the active ingredients into your bloodstream. Simply spray it under your tongue, and they will travel quickly via your bloodstream, straight to your brain to safely and effectively stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more HGH.

    This system will deliver 2,000 nanograms of a growth hormone complex and 1000 nanograms of a stimulator formula.

    When you spray it under your tongue, it becomes a very short distance to your brain via the bloodstream. Thus, all you need is 6 easy sprays a day for it to work!

    What will you gain from using
    this simple, 100% natural
    anti aging spray?

    Not only will your skin become more smooth, tight, and supple, so you'll see fewer wrinkles from both your face and your hands (which gives away your age!).

    You'll also have

      • better vision!
      • better sleep!
      • better moods!
      • better memory!
      • stronger bones!
      • increased energy!
      • better concentration!

    You'll also find that you'll lose that stubborn excess fat, yet gain lean muscle, which will nicely firm your body up!

    Because you've become younger from the inside out, you'll find it will help you to maintain your moods, independence, and mobility down the road.

    Japanese women are always searching for safe, natural ways to look younger. And they love my product! Whether they are factory workers, teachers, or scientists, they rave about it.

    So now I'm bringing this safe, effective remedy to North America women like you. (Again, this will work for anyone ... not just Japanese women!)

    For the price that's much less than that of your daily Star Bucks coffee, you'll look AND feel younger. Naturally.

    But, again, don't just take my word for it. Try my natural anti aging HGA right now . See the difference for yourself. (A bonus: Order my Natural Anti- aging for Women, and you'll save money! How much? See here! )

    From Japan to North America, with love,

    Ahmed Aljonaid, PhD.

    P.S. Please note that people often think that if something is safe and natural, that they can take a lot more than recommended. More is not better. Keep to the safe amount --6 easy sprays a day. It will work!

    P.S.S. I'm so confident in the high quality of my products, that you get a 100%, money-back guarantee!

    So if for whatever reason you're not satisfied, just return the bottles--even if they're empty--within 90 days of receiving them, and you'll get your money back!

    But be forewarned--once you've tried it, you will keep coming back for more!

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