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"Sandra was brought in as a copywriter to draw more attendees to a conference that I was organizing. She provided reliable, ongoing strategic marketing consultation as well.

"Our number of participants increased, and we could tell that her emotionally powerful copywriting drew these new attendees in. We are now nurturing our relationships with these new attendees.

"Our key speaker was also very pleased with the number of participants in attendance. She said that the attendance was actually similar to those in her much bigger city of Calgary.

"I believe this reflects how effective Sandra’s copywriting, consultation, and marketing strategies were in attracting people who might not have otherwise come."

Julie Pugsley, Hampton Hall for Lifelong Learning

"I am so pleased that I met Sandra and discovered her top-notch talent as a copywriter and copy consultant. I sought her copy consultation for one of my clients. She gave me in depth marketing advice, and wrote some content for that client. Her experience as a marketer truly shows through in the writing she produces. My client was excited by the results of Sandra's content being posted and emailed.

So I asked Sandra to write a comprehensive email blast campaign for another client and will continue to look forward to working with her in the years to come.

Sandi Eveleth, President, KISSs your Web, LLC

"I've worked with Sandra several times.  I found her to be thorough and fast. On one copywriting project, she went far beyond the task required, coming up with several creative ideas for the piece.  Fast, intelligent, and creative;  what more could one want?  She's a joy to work with, and I'd hire her again in the future."

Bruce Wilson, medical writer and consultant,
owner, Bruce Wilson Communications, Inc.

"Sandra is a delight to work with. She's fast, she's conscientious and she's very good at what she does.
Sandra has the exceptional ability to take difficult subjects and make them both easy and understandable - without sacrificing detail or context. For example she consolidated an 11-page clinical study into an entertaining 800-word article and made it easy for a layperson to quickly grasp the significance of that study."

donalee* Moulton, principal,
Quantum Communications
(* = donalee never capitalizes her name)

"As a regular contributor to Dalhousie Psychiatry Monitor , a quarterly magazine, Sandra covered a wide variety of mental health issues, including acupuncture for addictions, evolving shared-care services, and cannabinoids for chronic pain.

"She has a solid understanding of psychiatric conditions and a keen interest in developments in the field. She has a gift for language and her voice rings true every time. It has been a pleasure to work with her."

Jan Matthews, editor,
Dalhousie Psychiatry Monitor (2002-2005)

"Sandra Howe is a writer of rare ability. She is simultaneously an avid hunter and gatherer of fact-based research as well as a lyrical medium who delights in presenting her reader with irresistible editorial tidbits. She represents the epitome of professional conduct, accepting critical analysis as a welcome conveyor to a higher quality product.

"While she is sufficiently versatile to find the "story" in the driest of topics, her particular specialty is individual profiles. Here, Sandra's gregarious nature comes to the fore as she delightfully coaxes even the most reticent subjects to share insightful details about themselves and the larger world. She is a valuable asset to my editorial team".

Dawn Chafe, editor,
Atlantic Business Magazine

"Hired in a pinch, on a project with tight deadlines and little room for error, Sandra cheerfully produced excellent work and helped us out of a jam."

Philip Moscovitch, program manager,
National Film Board of Canada

"Sandra is more than a teacher. She has a gift for writing and designing information packages. She is knowledgeable in the field of information design. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any type of writing."

Gordon Ryall, formerly the executive director of the adult education program, Bob Rumball Center for the Deaf (BRCD).

"Over the past two years I have had the great pleasure of working with Sandra Howe for our publication, Progressive Choices: Women in Business Magazine. She lines up appointments quickly and facilitates her interviews effectively.  She carries her assignments out in a timely fashion, and exceeds our standards.  It is a pleasure to work with Sandra, and we enjoy working with her."

Nancy Thompson, publisher,
Progressive Choice: Women In Business

And a longer testimonial, about teaching ability:

"As a former Director of an Adult Education program, I recall Sandra Howe working as a literacy instructor in both LINC and LBS classes. This involved direct instruction to a variety of adult learners. It was a very challenging job as creativity and design of and meeting various individual learning goals were the minimal requirements.

"I found Sandra a very pleasant person to work with. She strikes me as a very balanced person, who is also very determined to see students succeed in meeting their life learning goals. She has excellent teacher-student relationship and also excellent time management skills.

"There were several progress reports required within different time frames. She managed to finish them in great detail and accuracy. She dealt with adult students with a wide variety of learning styles and with some who were from different countries and thus had different cultural expectations.

"I would not hesitate to employ her again."

Gordon Ryall, formerly the executive director of the adult education program, Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf (BRCD)