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(Hey there! Here's my simple 5-step process that describes how we'd work together on an actual project!)

Working with me

You want a natural health copywriter who can get your ideal prospects to picture vividly how their lives will look once they start using your natural products. That's what motivates them to buy. I'm that person!

However, before you request a quote, you may wonder:

  • Will we be a good fit?
  • How will we work together professionally?
  • Can you fully communicate your objectives?

How we can work together to further your objectives

I seek to understand my clients as completely and fully as possible. The following is how I usually work to ensure this.

Once we've agreed to work together on a project, I will

  • Send you a comprehensive questionaire
    • When you fill this out, you ensure we communicate clearly on all of your objectives, project details, etc.
  • Send you a client engagement form
    • This form will become our formal business agreement. It'll be based both on the questionaire and our ongoing dialogue.
  • Have both of us sign off on that form
    • Once we've agreed on all relevant details, including the fee we've settled on, we sign off and fax the form to each other.

The writing and researching component

Once I've received your 50% upfront, my work starts. I will

  • Start the research component
    • Copy that speaks to your prospects one-to-one and taps into their core motives will get their attention.
      Once the rapport is established, they'll want proof that your natural products do work.

      In order to do both, I will
      • ask you for certain types of background materials
      • interview key people at your company
      • join online communities where your ideal prospects collect
      • talk with your reps at your center, and "listen in" to their calls
      • research online and at medical libraries to collect medical facts that will grab your prospects' attention
  • Start the writing component
    • I've gotten to know both your prospects and your natural product(s). I'll now write my first draft. 30% is due upon reception of this first draft.
    • Up to two rounds of minor revisions are usually included in your fee.
      Perfect communication just doesn't exist in life; we'll want to talk openly and honestly in order to achieve the result you want.
    • Once we agree on the final copy, the remaining 20% is sent to me.

Questions? Comments? Chat with me here!

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